We tell you our story

Reeta Sinkkonen has lived and worked abroad for a large part of her life: in USA, Japan, Portugal and Spain. She has 27 years personal experience of living a multicultural life. Reeta wrote her BBA thesis on issues that expatriates faced. The research covered the whole expatriate process from departure to return to the original country. Later on Reeta also publish a book "Onnistu ulkomaankommenuksissa", WSOY 2009, which is a handbook of how to succeed in work related international moves. Reeta established her company (Sinkkonen Consulting) 16 years ago and has also worked on these questions at Deloitte. Reeta has extensive experience in helping clients improve their bottom line and achieve better business results through cultural and communicational consultations. During the last 16 years she has been running different workshops from the cultural perspective as well as helping companies with relocation issues in Finland and abroad. Her role is to design, structure and manage the consultation programs, relocation processes and, furthermore, to train participants in face-to-face workshops and relocation processes. Reeta's motto as an entrepreneur is clarity in services, personal commitment, straightforward communication and a humble attitude.

Helen Wrede has lived and worked abroad for two decades. Helen used to live in Marbella, Spain and London, UK where she worked within finance and banking as well as with real estate. Helen holds a master's degree in Economics. She is fluent in Swedish, Finnish, English and Spanish. Helen has own experience of expatrial life and recognizes what it takes to establish a new home for a family in a foreign country. With her "hands on" and "can do" -attitudes, you can be sure that you will be settled smoothly and that you are not missing anything in your new home.