About us

Reeta Sinkkonen - Leading Consultant and Head of Relocation services - has lived and worked abroad for a great part of her life. She has 27 years personal experience of living a multicultural life in USA, Japan, Portugal and Spain. Reeta wrote already her BBA thesis on issues that expatriates faced. The research covered the whole expatriate process from departure to return to the original country. Later on Reeta did also publish a book "Onnistu ulkomaankommenuksissa", WSOY 2009, which is a handbook of how to succeed in workrelated international moves. For the past 15 years Reeta has worked with expatriate training at Intercultural Management and Deloitte before establishing her own company (Sinkkonen Consulting Oy) in 2006. Reeta's motto as an entrepreneur is clarity in services, personal commitment, straightforward communication and a humble attitude.