ReLocal welcomes you to Finland!

We are here to help you to get settled smoothly and land softly in your new home town and country.

We have created different relocation packages depending on your needs and situation. All the way from previsit and getting ready to move to immigrational practicalities, finding a perfect home, furnish it - to very specialist services in your new home town what you and your possible family might have. As important as all the practicalities are, is also to make sure your adjustment would not take too long and it would be as smooth as possible. Our Adjustment and Cultural training points out all the possible points of view to raise better understanding of the adjustment and change to be. One can´t really choose not to be affected at all - it will! But don’t worry - we are able to help you!

Please do not hesitate to use our experienced experts. Let’s tailor the right package together to fit your needs!

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